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GLOW Engels






Bert Vredegoor


For GLOW, the artist applies an installation to a former KPN building. This colossal construction looks massive and hermetic. The only thing that gives the building some slenderness is the rhythm of narrow concrete columns between the window sections. The segmented facade is in a sense reminiscent of a Gothic cathedral and Bert Vredegoor enhances this association with Secret Service.

An unusual procedure developed by the artist forms the basis of this work. He bleaches black velvet with different solutions of chlorine to create designs which emerge from the dark background as golden patterns of light.


The pattern which is made that way is now printed on a semi-transparent fabric which is stretched between the concrete columns. Behind the prints, light sources have been mounted. The delicate patterns of light bring the building’s facade to life, raising questions: Do these stained-glass windows have Gothic or Oriental patterns? And who is present in the building at this hour? What kind of secret society is manifest here and what kind of activity is going on behind this nocturnal spectacle? 



















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