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laser cut grids
which yield more space
than they occupy

Grids become borderlines

It all started with a lack of privacy. As an artist in residence (in a former monastery) Bert Vredegoor felt a need for a mood filter between the inside

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and outside world.  The wooden grid that he created was the beginning of a series of high-tech, laser cut panels made of white and black acrylic.


detail of the wooden grid



On paper, grids are nothing else than lines crossing each other. Transformed to three dimensional material they create a visual passage but at the same time a barrier. The grids have become border lines where the onlooker is waiting for a passage to cross.



Looking through a grid you experience something of another world. You get a glimpse of something where you don’t actually belong but you might well like to be. In this sense the grid holds a certain promise and gives a perspective of a world beyond the border.

Latticeworks are suggestive - also due to diffuse colour reflection - that the room behind them is larger than what it may be in reality. The grid mystifies reality and underlines that presumption.



Deernis Dearness

Deernis Dearness consists of a laser-cut stainless steel front panel hinged to an aluminium niche. Something of value placed in this shrine is almost hidden from

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view by the minutely perforated front panel. This partial concealment arouses curiosity, so that the barely visible object inside becomes all the more present. 



The inside of the niche and the rear side of the front panel are coated with fluorescent paint so that during the day a soft reflection of colour is visible on the wall. And when it’s dark, the addition of a tea light candle creates a magical glow.

Deernis Dearness is available in five colors